About Airedale Rescue

The Airedale Rescue team is managed by Lynda McCarthy who has a life-long passion for Airedales.


Born in Yorkshire into an ‘Airedale Fanciers’ family, Lynda
was raised close to the river Aire, the home of the Airedale Terrier. Never a day has gone by without an Airedale in Lynda’s life and for the past 30 years she has ‘run’ at least 4-6 Airedales. Lynda doesn’t breed or show – she just loves being with Airedales.


Lynda now lives in Raglan Monmouthshire, in wonderful rural surroundings with 8 acres of land where her ‘girls’ can run free. For Lynda there is no better sight than seeing a pack of Airedales in full flight, or hunting in the woods, and then playing ‘bitey face’ games with each other!


Lynda has been directly involved in rescuing and rehoming Airedales for many years. Airedale Rescue is Kennel Club recognised and works with other Airedale Rescue organisation in the U.K.

Airedale Rescue is a non-profit making rescue and rehoming service for Airedale Terriers