Give a Home

Give a Home to a rescue/rehomed Airedale Terrier ( U.K. only )


If you would like to give a home to an Airedale Terrier please complete the form below as fully as possible.

All information received will be treated with the strictest confidence.

A few things to remember before completing the form:

We don’t usually rehome an Airedale to people who work full-time ( although we might in the case of a senior Airedale who is used to being left alone for a few hours)

Airedales rehomed through us are pets, they are not for breeding . If they haven’t already been neutered/spayed, then we will retain all their paperwork until this has been done.

We will not rehome to a home without dog experience. Airedale experience is even better !

We are always looking for good homes for Airedales who need a new home and the form below gives you the chance to tell us all about yourself and your situation.


Finally, your details will be kept on file for THREE MONTHS.

    Your name:

    Your full address, including post code:

    You age group:

    Your telephone number:

    The best time to call this number:

    What is your email address?

    What other pets do you have now? How will they be with an Airedale in the house?

    Do any children (under 16) either live with you or visit regularly?

    What experience do you have of keeping a dog, particularly an Airedale?

    Who would be the main/primary carer of the dog? What is the main/primary carers work practices. i.e. retired, work from home, go out to work and if so how long would the dog be left for?

    Please tell us about your property and garden, if any.

    Could you offer a home to an older Airedale, or an Airedales with health and/or behavioural issues?

    Do you, or anyone else living in your house, have health problems or disabilities which might affect dog ownership (such as mobility or allergy issues)?

    Are you prepared to travel to meet / collect an Airedale in need of rehoming?

    Would you consider giving a home to an Airedale-cross?

    We may wish to inspect your home before deciding whether or not to rehome an Airedale with you. Would you object to this?

    We will keep your details on file for THREE MONTHS and if a suitable Airedale for your situation becomes available during that time, we shall be in touch with you.

    To keep your details on file after three months, you will need to resubmit them again.